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Kruseman is a specialized deal-making and trading firm with extensive expertise in commodities like jet fuel, EN 590 10 PPM. The company has built an exceptional reputation through its innovative strategies and ability to adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions. Kruseman's unique approach, which combines deal-building and non-conformist trading, has delivered remarkable success for its global client base. Underpinned by a commitment to transparency, ethics, and trust, the firm leverages its skilled deal-makers, extensive industry network, and robust legal infrastructure to create value and facilitate complex cross-border transactions. With a presence in North America and Europe, Kruseman is a trusted partner for clients seeking to execute high-stakes deals in the commodities sector and beyond



PREAMBLE Seller is directly REFINERY All Agreements will be done with REFINERY Payments will be done directly to REFINERY KRUSEMAN company conduct negotiations with prospective Buyers on matters regarding Petroleum Products, Petrochemical products. After The acceptance of ICPO all the deals continue between the refinery and the buyer directly. Please be informed that we work strictly according to refinery transaction terms and procedures strictly as stated in our procedure that non negotiable FOB PRODUCTS DELIVERY LOCATIONS Rotterdam

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Prominent business executive and influential deal-maker in corporate arenas. Former Partnerships Chair at the World Committee, an international development and cooperation organization. Senior advisor to several leading international law firms. His experience and connections in the hard commodities sector make him a powerful and effective negotiator and industry player.

France Marie Myriam Larriere

International Consultant

Driven by the team spirit and the strength of the network, the idea of uniting the skills of a team of professionals, experts in different fields of activity in order to make the impossible possible! In France, Europe, China and the United States, we respond to and act on sectors, major projects through our confidential and reliable network with responsiveness, responding to a confidential and human code of ethics.

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Honorary President of the World Committee  
   Senior Consultant Kruseman 
Officer in the Orders of the Legion of Honor * Commander of National Merit * Commander of the Academic Palms * Gold medal from the Society for the Encouragement of Progress * Honorary President of the World Committee * Honorary President of the International Confederation of Intellectual Worker * Vice-President of the International Institute of Geopolitics Sorbonne * Honorary President of France Euro Méditerranée 

President of French America Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta